Empty Keyring

Last month I gave away my last key. That was the key to our apartment in Tampere, Finland. Earlier I had already given up bunch of keys e.g. for the car, bike and places here and there. Most of our belongings were sold, and we vacated our rental apartment.

For over the past 30 years, I cannot remember an occasion of carrying a keyring without any keys. Certainly worth of taking a picture:

Empty keyring

Yep, it’s empty.

With the exception of some worthy long term storage items, rest of our belongings - including our two cats - were packed into a few bags and suitcases, and then hauled with an assistance of an airplane to Berlin. That’s the place we call home now for some time.

Why Berlin? It’s an interesting and vibrant city, conveniently located for traveling, cost of living is decent, startup scene is lively, and learning german is an interesting challenge. Perfect combination for a place to live at the moment.

Berlin, Charlottenburg

Berlin, Charlottenburg

The first touch to German government agencies has certainly proved the language challenge, since the discussions typically begins like this:

Sprechen Sie Englisch?”

Kein Englisch.”

…and that’s where the fun starts.